EMA Ramps (Limited Edition) Adjustable Fingerboard Round Rail

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EMA Ramps Adjustable Fingerboard Round Rail comes with two sets of feet to created multiple heights which gives you the ability to practice tricks at a lower height before developing them on an advanced height.

*Important Please Read Carefully* when installing the legs to adjust the height each leg screws into a bolt that has been welded on to the rail itself. Often times you will experience that the rail wobbles instead of laying flat on the surface. Simply turn one or both feet in a counter clock direction until both feet sit flat and then use the custom tool provided to tighten the bolts


  • Made from steel that has been professionally welded together to ensure strength
  • Extra wide feet prevent rail from tipping over 
  • Painted using a high grade powder coat which provides better coverage and durability than spray paint 
  • Dimensions include 11" L x 1 1/2" H


  • Items ships USPS First Class within 24 hours of purchase
  • Arrives at your door between 3-5 business days


  • 30 Day money back guarantee